Creative Sector

Tailored advice in the creative sector

Leftley Rowe offers specific tailored advice to the creative sector, including design companies, interior designers & marketing/ PR companies.

Leftley Rowe aims to work proactively with your business assisting you with the specific challenges facing the creative industry today. Our aim is to help you manage your business proactively and not reactively and face each new challenge before it occurs.

We also recognise that your staff are important to you, and pivotal to the future success of your business. To ensure that you maximise your employees potential we can also offer advice on;

Assessing bonus/ reward schemes
Overall salary structure
PAYE or sub contractor route- what are the implications and pitfalls of using self employed consultants versus part time employees.
Share options and share incentive schemes- for longer term gain & employee retention

Please call our expert Kevin Wright for free initial advice on 020 7871 9911 or get in touch via our contact page.

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